Tuesday, January 14, 2003

MY ROLE IN LIFE: I have found that I seem to occupy a particular role in the lives of many of my friends. I am "the religious person." People frequently will ask me questions like "what do religious people think about X?" I was even asked once to read some material by a friend prior to its publication. He wanted to know if it would be offensive to "religious people." Do you find that you have a similar role. I am guessing that this is less of an issue for the Historian, since he haunts the divinity school, but I am curious about the rest of you elderen. I personally find the role a bit daunting. I am being called upon to speak on behalf of the entire believing population of the planet. It is a big responsibility. Also, I suspect that I have besmirched the reputation of religious people all over the world. Some of my friends are going to find themselves in the position of assessing say a Tibetan monk or a Sufi mystic, and will think to themselves, "Hmm... I don't know about that kind of thing. I knew a religious person once..."